2016年4月、第1弾となる「DIY for Sister」をリリース。同年12月、第2弾をリリース。
2017年3月、セレクトショップFREE GALLERYにて「DIY for FREE GALLERY」第1弾をリリース。同年9月には第2弾をリリースし、代官山蔦屋にて開催されたFREE GALLERY POP UP SPACEに参加。
2017年9月、新たにオープンを迎えたセレクトショップJOINT WORKSにて「DIY for JOINT WORKS」をリリース。
同年11月には東京で開催されたBIRKENSTOCK 2018年秋冬コレクションのプレゼンテーションのための衣装「DIY for BIRKENSTOCK」を製作。

Born in Tokyo, Mina Kayama discovered her love for fashion at a young age when she was nine.
After graduating high school she began working in retail at an apparel shop.
Her studies took her to Australia for a year and upon returning to Japan she obtained a position at Sister, an avant-garde boutique in Tokyo.
After impressing with her work ethic and passion for fashion she was hired to work in public relations for MATT. and Sister.In her free time she has begun designing her own clothing lines.
She released her first collection named "DIY for Sister" in April of 2016. That December she released her second collection for Sister.
In March of 2017 she released "DIY for FREE GALLERY" for FREE GALLERY in Laforet Harajuku.